Using a Scanjet 6300c for two users

I have two users that want to use the same scanner, what are my options with a Scanjet 6300c.  Can I use a Jet Direct card and network it, and/or can I use a switch box.  And if I can use a switchbox, does anyone have a make and model of one?
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johlariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good News!  The 6300C scanner supports being shared over a network.  Look at the readme file for specific instructions.  I have done this and haven't had any problems.

You will need equipment to have the two PC networked and for that -

Hub - ~$50
Network Interface Cards - $30/ea
Cables - ~ $10 ea.

Total of around $120 or so.  You can find some less expensive componenets on some of the internet retailers as well.

Best of Luck.
How is the scanner hooked up?  SCSI?
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