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Hard Drive for Lexmark Optra S printer

I have a Lexmark Optra S 1250 laser printer I want to add a hard drive to. The user manual says the printer supports any drive which is 2.5" form factor, IDE interface, and less than 15 mm thick. Fine so far. However Lexmark Tech support told me that the largest capacity drive I can use is 2GB. I haven't been able to find anything that small.
So I have two questions:
1) Does anyone know of a drive, less than 2 GB that fits the above specs.
2) Is there any way to use a larger HD with this printer? I don't care if I have to buy a 6 GB drive and only use the first 2 GB.

Lexmark sells a 1.4 GB drive for $400. I can't pay that much for the drive. Besides that seems awfully steep to me.
1 Solution

sounds like it is a good old laptop drive, and yes you can a larger drive to <2gb.

Do you have the model/part number of the Lexmark drive, possible we can lead you to a place that has the same for cheaper.

I think your best bet would be to look into used drives.  My suggestion would be to go to sites like eBay.com.

I just checked eBay, and found several laptop hard drives that you could get for under $50.00.

At that price even if you get a drive that goes bad after a few years it's going to be cheaper than getting the one from lexmark.

Good luck to you.

> I don't care if I have to buy a 6 GB drive and only use the first 2 GB.

Find a friend with a laptop which has a 2GB hard-drive, and exchange your 6 GB drive for their 2GB drive -- call it a Christmas-present-exchange.  :-)

I've seen some computers that would not even finish the POST (Power On Self Test) when a larger-than-2GB drive was connected.  So, LexMark Tech. Support may be correct when they say to use a "small" drive.
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Maureen092399Author Commented:
Hi, friends.
Sorry I haven't updated this; I've been sort of tied up with some Y2K testing that was reported to be complete in June. :-(
I bought a 1.6 GB IBM drive at eBay, and am waiting to receive it so I can do testing.

Based on past experience with LexMark, I think tech support may be right. I tried to install a 1.2 GB drive in an Optra R+, when the LexMark dirve they were selling was 100 MB. I never did get it to work.

Maureen092399Author Commented:

I picked up an IBM 1551 MB hard disk at eBay for $74.50. I installed it tonight, and it seems to be working perfectly. There were several other drives that would probably work on eBay, but after putting in 30 years working for IBM, I am somewhat biased toward their products.
So,you suggested eBay, I am awarding you the points. Thanks much for your help, and thanks for the other suggestions.

Maureen092399Author Commented:
Thanks again, Joel.

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