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samba unreachable after RD5.5->6.0 upgrade

Some days ago I had to upgrade my Redhat Linux installation from 5.2 to 6.0. SInce then, I am unable to reach this computer from my laptop (running NT sp3) via the Samba shares I used to use. I can open an Xterm using Reflection, though. Redhat makes backups of a number of files (as *.rpmsave) but I have been unable to see anything related to Samba. The only thing that I found was a new set-up of a program/daemon called Pam. I have no idea what it does, but I came across 1 sentence in the Samba documentation mentioning it.

Is there anyone who has had the same experience and who has a solution?
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Yes, I had a major problem with samba after upgrading. The problem is that you see the shares, but can't enter/authenticate, although the smb.conf is the same, right?
The problem is, they changed the default value
of on of the most important options in smb.conf, the  "security" option from "security=share" to "security=user".
It took me some time to find out this, but now everything is working. I think, they should right
in big red letters on every corner instead of capital letter somewhere in the middle of man page.
So, if your smb.conf didn't contain "security=???" option and used the default one,
then set it to "share" and you're set.
Good luck.
jmvalkAuthor Commented:

I remember, while looking through the smb.conf that security was set to USER, but since there was no back-up of the original file, i reckoned it was no changed applied by the upgrade procedure (it has been a while since I installed Samba, so I forgot about this one). I'm away from my computer right now, so I'll get back to you in a day or so, but I think we have a solution here.

Thanks for the reply,

jmvalkAuthor Commented:
It worked, I had to re-map all drives in Explorer, since all links stopped functioning, but now I have full control, again. Thanks!


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