I have a serve tht I can ping.  But when I go to telnet in there is not reponds from the server. I can ping to all addresses but not telnet.  Now from the linux server I can telnet to sco server.  But not from sco or windows to the linux server.

Please help
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gataraAuthor Commented:
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What is the exact error that you get? Is telnet available on the Linux machine? Try:

telnet localhost

when on the Linux machine (at the console). If that works, you may be restricting telnet to that machine. Look at:


to check if your machine is allowed/denied.
or maybe something wrong with inetd?
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gataraAuthor Commented:
From the windows machine, I'm getting unable to connect.
From the linux machine I have no problem connecting to any other machine.  Is a one way problem.  From Windows telnet to linux.
Could be:

- Wrong subnet-mask on the SCO box...
- You may need to re-apply the SCO patches...
Try a
ps -A | less

see if the telnetd daemon is running.  If not, make sure you have telnet installed.  Some distributions, I've seen it with Mandrake 6.1, don't install the telnet server by default.  If you're running RH or compatiable do a
rpm -q telnet

Another place to look is in the /etc/services - make sure the telnet isn't commented (#) out - same with /etc/inetd.conf.

Another way to see if its installed in to look for the file in.telnetd in /usr/sbin

Try that - you should be able to install it or reconfigure the files to get it working nicely.
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