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I would like to change the default printing of Notepad (11x17 paper in landscape orientation with smaller than normal default margins).  Right now, I have change these settings each time I start Notepad.  How do I make my desired defaults permanent?
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You should do this from Printers folder; NOT within any application.

If you are using NT; you should have Administrator access for doing this permanent.
You must change the setting in your default printer.

In properties there you must sellect the settings you want to use.
Save this and the next time that notepad will open he will take the settings from the default printer.

davidweissAuthor Commented:
There are many applications which use printers, I don't want to effect all of them, just Notepad.
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Run Regedit goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Notepad set fSavePageSettings to 1
this should save the page setting.

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I have already done this at my PC here and it dont work...and on your PC...

Lermitte, you are right, Sorry Davidweiss, I should have tested it before submitting my answer. I only went by theory.
Anyway as an appology, I did some research in Microsoft Website, and from what I've been reading Notepad doesn't have the ability to save setting. You can go and check it out for yourself here
In WinNT 3.X notepad can't even save the Word Wrap setting.
Sorry again Davidweiss.
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