Databases on NT server for mac clients

What is the best database software to run off an Windows NT server for 6 people on Macintoshes?  The information is essentially a highly confidential client database with many customised preset fields and some character, date and numerical information.  The users have moderate to basic computer literacy, so we need to make the interface user friendly.  We need to able to total and cross-correlate fields and total them, and preferaby have graphical, as well as numerical reporting.  
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Use 4D from ACI. Best database for Windows - Mac connections

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JanRAuthor Commented:
Thanks - what would be really helpful is to know why you recommend it over, say, Filemaker Pro.  What makes it good?
Check the Link!

1.) Code runs on Windows and Macintosh without any changes.
2.) You can use a mixed network
3.) Full Web Server included
4.) Full Programmable
5.) BLOBs
6.) Integrated text editor. (Text can be stored in the database)
JanRAuthor Commented:
I've now partly checked out the demo version, which seems to be very easy to use and to do what we need.  It appears also to have potential to do many other things which could be useful.  Thanks.
If you have questions with programming in 4D feel free to ask. I use 4D now for about 6 years.
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