HDD re-partition fail

I've got a HDD from my cousin's family.
It's labeled as belowed:

CYL 4186, HD 16, SEC 63, 2.16GB
(This should be its model and CHS information.)

Also, I found 2 barcode on it. Each of them labeled:
(underscore are used as space)
- 0039SCH3084792________W2X
(on sticker over its model sticker)
- J3CH400160______REVCA 1997.04
(on the bottom of its model sticker)
One of them should be its serial-number, I think.

They said it no longer worked, but I don't believe.
I've tried to connect it (to my home's PC, 486 with
E-IDE support) and check/re-create its partition
with win95's FDISK program and physically read/
write it with Norton Disk Editor (DOS), but,
unfortunately, I cannot re-partition it. The symtoms
1. FDISK -> "Error reading fixed disk."
2. FDISK /STATUS -> shows no partition
3. Norton DE (read) -> "Error 129 sector not found"
4. Norton DE (write) -> nothing changed

However, the other parts of the HDD seems OK.
(In physical sector mode of Norton DE, I've written
some bytes in a sector, but it worked.) Well, I think
only the 1st and some sectors on cylinder 0 is BAD.

Until now, I still unable to use this HDD. :(

How I can recover it? Is it really dead, or not?
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You could try fdisk /mbr a few times just for thrills, but it sounds to me like it's done. It could still be under warranty - not sure what Samsung's policy is
vipatAuthor Commented:
I've already tried that method, but it doesn't worked. FDISK said it cannot
write partition table. :(

(Eh? The command can replace boot
code in partition table only, right?)
Well for starters the computer you put it in probabaly has trouble seeing it correctly in the CMOS setup, since most 486 only supported HD up to 540MB.
So lets start back at the begining, Does your CMOS (or BIOS) see the HD correctly, if not then you will need something like EZ-Bios or EZ-Drive (disk management software)
If it is OK in the CMOS setup (BIOS) then boot with a bootdisk in and try the "fdisk /mbr" this will reset the Master Boot Record, after that then reboot and try to check the HD with fdisk now and see if you can remove the partitions or at least see them.

You may want to download EZ-Drive from Western Digital and see if it helps

I don't know if SAMSUNG has anything like this or not
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Seeing as You are unable to partition it the other way possibly to revive the drive is to perform a low-level format..most pc bios's have the option..so check your pc bios and if so try the low-level (manufacturer format).
I would discard this disk. It might work to do a low-level format, but a drive that have bad sectors usualy get worse.

Fdisk will not work because the MBR has bad sectors. A low-level format CAN solve this, but chances are the drive will fail shortly after.

If you have a brand computer (Compaq etc.) you probably don't have a utility for low-level format.
vipatAuthor Commented:
I have further information. for you:
- The drive cannot read/write any sectors!! At first,
I think it can be written some bytes, but, in fact,
it is virtual mode of Norton DE!
- I've tried EZ-drive (conner) last night. but  it still
never worked.
- Also, I have SEGATE low-level format utility,
SGATFMT4, on my hand (My BIOS don't have this
ability), But it can't help too!! After I entered CHS
info (on its label), the program seem easily formatted
the drive, but it fail on verifying for every sector.
- Here's the CHS info from IDE auto-detection in my
BIOS. Is it wrongly detected?
1. (LBA)  C=522, H=128, S=63, landzone=4185, wpcomp=0
2. (NORMAL) C=4186, H=16, S=63, landzone=4185, wpcomp=65535
3. (LARGE) C=2093, H=32, S=63, landzone=4185, wpcomp=65535

Maybe, it is more damaged than I expected. Any more ideas?
yep u can use the drive still...As a Door Stop...
I would get rid of that HD, a new 6.4GB costs about $100 and the bigger you get the cheaper they are per MB.
1.  Your Award BIOS is reading the CHS values correctly and can probably support it ok, just make sure you select the LBA mode.  

2.   check Samsung's website for a Low level format program.  Don't ever use a BIOS low level program for IDE drives.  It can permanently damage the drive.  Each manufacturers LLF program is different and it may help.

3.  check the warranty from Samsung.  If the drive is a 3.2, there is a good chance it is still in warranty and you can get a replacement or even an upgrade at no charge.  


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vipatAuthor Commented:
The last test I tried to the HDD is writing to others sectors direcly with norton DE.
Althought it worked, I still have no ideas how I can use this HDD because it still unable to write partition table (and many cylinders at beginning of the drive).

I've just recieved replied e-mail from Samsung. They said it still under warranty and it can be exchanged !
Allright, I'll continue on exchanging it back to Samsung, rather than recovering it.
Thanks alot everybody.

Why I din't try buying a new one instead?
I could buy it if I can affoard. but in Thailand, where I live, the second-hand HDDs' price still similar to the new one! Its estimated cost is about $50 (if it still in excellent condition).
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