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This is a really silly C++ question and im embarassed to ask it, but I cant seem to figure out how to stop it.  I have an output file that i am outputting some CStrings.  When it outputs the CStrings and gets to the last one, my program outputs and end of file character that looks like a 'y' with two dots over it.  So when i read in that file the next time, it reads in that y.  My input file reads in until it gets to the eof character so that is ok, but i dont want the eof character to be visible upon output. How can i do this?Thanks!!!
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Jan LouwerensSoftware EngineerCommented:
can you post your code?
feel free to ask any tech question, epastoor
i met the same problem months ago, but i forgot how to solve it
i will read my code and try to help you
i am also willing to hear experts' idea about it, coz i am not sure my solution is right

BTW, wait for your code first
You should open the file in binary mode.  If the file is in text mode, the end of file character may be appended automatically when the file is closed.

I'm not sure how you are opening the file, but most likely you are using a fstream objects, if so, just ios::binary in the mode parameter (2nd parameter) of the fstream's constructor.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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epastoorAuthor Commented:
Correct..i am using fstream
i tried adding the binary command and it completely deleted my input file. when my program loads up, i load each string in the input file, string by string.  
here is how i am currently opening the file
fstream inFile;
inFile.open("file.txt", ios::in |ios::out);

any thoughts to what else i could try  so that it didnt print out that character?

Sorry, I did not respond earlier.  I've had terrible computer problems and have been unable to access the internet for over a week!  What's more I am now goign away for a week.  Sorry.

Try adding the ios::app  (append) flag, like

inFile.open("file.txt,ios::in | ios::out | ios::app);

If that doesn't help (it will, but you might have other problems too), I will be back on January 2nd.

sorry again
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