event listener

Is it true that an Event Source can only have one Listener?Why?
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hpchong7Author Commented:
Hope anyone knows pls answer!Thanks!It would be ask in my exam few days later!
my answer is 'no'

btw. what is 'Event Source' ? :)

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I hope this doesn't sound too smart-ass but, well, here I go.
Here in switzerland we got a saying:

  "Trying is better than reflecting"

While don't agree with this all times, sometimes you are stuck with a problem because you keep hesitating for hours to do something. Just because you think you won't do it optimaly. And afterwards you feel like an idiot, because it was so easy in the end and wasted a lot of time.

Why don't you create a short programm and see what it does if you try to attach to Listeners to you 'Event Source' and see what happens?
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hpchong7Author Commented:
I am sorry that apart from actionlistener,I do not know  what kind of listerns Java has!
hpchong7Author Commented:
THank you very much!
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