MODEM configuration................

i wanted to know how to find that modem is working fine ....what tools we can use  to diagnose modems ,how to set line speed.
what parameters are important for selecting modems,interfaces used by to set important  parameters for modems in win 95 and NT .Detailed answer preferred anybody who has good practical experience on modems......
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Working fine

Invoke a terminal software like hyperterminal, and issue AT&F followed by enter.

Dial into a remote computer. If you connect, then the modem is working fine.

Diagnose Modems

Modems have builtin diagnostics or tests. Depends on which modem brand you're using, it can perform digital loopback, remote digital loopback, line test pattern, port tests, etc.

Important things to consider for selecting modems

The brand name says it all. There's not much left for the end user to consider nowadays, but only the brand name. 3com/USR is the best in the industry. Most especially their 3COM/USR Courier VEverything External Modems.

Aside from the modem brand, there is another thing, internal or external modem. I personally prefer EXTERNAL modems, which easily plugs into a free COM PORT usually Com2. External modems offer the ease of transport, diagnosing, and others without having to open your computer to check on it. Conflicts suchs as IRQ and device conflicts is a little remote if not impossible.

Internal modems occupy much needed expansion slots on the motherboard. Gets its power from the computer itself. Contributes to system heat etc. This isn't worth it.

Although EXTERNAL modems are slightly expensive than INTERNAL ones, the trade off in price is nothing compared to the hassle you'll have to bear with, with an internal modem.


Aside from the DTE or COM PORT SPEED, user intervention with configuring the modem is almost nil. The INF device driver has all the things that a user need. Things are menu driven. Configurations are simply set by putting a check on features that the modem supports.
balarajuAuthor Commented:
can somebody be little more detailed.........where can i get FAQs
on modems

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I am sorry for not satisfying your question. If you're looking for in-depth, review-like, answer, then carlos' link is the one to check out.

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