log messageson modem

on my log modem when i get hung up it states remote modem hung up then nocarrier
which is the remote modem
is this error isp,telstra or my modem? thanks
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ali4650Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Either ISP or call waiting on your end or possibly someone else picking up phone in your house. Latter two probable.
> it states remote modem hung up

Your ISP's modem decided to "hang-up".

> then nocarrier  

Your modem then detected that the remote modem dropped the "carrier" signal.

> which is the remote modem

The ISP's.

> is this error isp,telstra or my modem?

Possibly neither.  
Disable "call-waiting" alert.
Perhaps, that alert-signal is causing your ISP's modem to detect the interruption in the carrier-signal.


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ali4650Author Commented:
call waiting is already disabled-i wonder if since telstra took mu unused line that was here im getting hung up by a crossed line on niehbours call waiting as sometimes i hear beeps on phone when i and other person definatly have call waiting disabled
any other ideas?
> sometimes i hear beeps ...

There was one(!) telephone-exchange in my city which supported call-waiting alerts, but the telco's switch did not(!) support "disabling" of that alert, until the telco upgraded their "switch" (that's a hardware upgrade).

Anyway, complain to your telco, but say that you hear it on a "voice" call (rather than saying that your modem is "hearing" those beeps), and let them trouble-shoot this problem.
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