how to make a screensaver?

pls give me step by step instruction to make a screensaver with   or without password protected
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mjswartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This page had all I needed to know to make a great screen saver:
I take it you dont want to"make" a screensaver.  Maybe "enable"

if that is the case.

Right click on the desktop, anywhere there are no icons.
Click on Properties.
Click on Screensaver.
Select Screensaver from drop down menu
Put a check mark in the password box.
Enter your password twice.

Hope thats what you needed.
creep81, if you do actually want to make a screensaver, it is really quite simple. A screensaver though it normally has a .scr extension is simply an executable file. If you create an application using any development tool (including VB, C,C++,Delphi) etc you can rename the .exe to .scr (if you wish) and then use it as a screen saver. There are some things to remember though. A standard windows screensaver ideally should support some command line arguments, the basic ones are /a, /p. /a should display a password entry/change dialog box and save this to the appropriate registry entries. /p should display the screensaver in the window identified by the hWnd parameter following the /p. There are more details on this in MSDN and on the Microsoft website. Once you have created your executable which does what you want all you have to do is in the display properties dialog set it as your screensaver.
Check out : they have information on screen savers and they have a program you can try out or purchase that lets you create screensavers
goto there search for it. There got a lot tools to create Screen Saver.
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