CPU fan's wire function (3-wires type)

I've just bought a new fan with heat-sink
for pentium MMX on second-hand
mainboard form local computer store.
It is 3-wire type. (red, black and yellow)
Unfortunately, there is no 3-pin connectors on the M/B, but, I still have 4-pin power connectors form chassis
fan avialable for this CPU fan. So, I need
to know the 3-wire's function.

Anybody can tell me what is the function
of each 3 wire? I guess one of them is
power, an another one is ground, and
the last is fan speed signal line, but
which one is the signal? The yellow?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes.  The other two should be red and black.  Black is ground and red is +12V.  If you MB doesn't support the yellow fan signal, you can leave it off.
vipatAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'll try connect it. :-)
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