Connecting to a NT RAS Server

I am using RedHat 6.0 and am trying to dial into an NT RAS Server.  How do I do this?  I tried using kppp, but I always get an invalid user name/password error.  Does anyone have step by step instructions on how to do it?
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1. Get ppp-2.1.2c.tar.gz from All earlier versions of the PPP code will **NOT** work with Microsoft's.

2. You must configure the Microsoft NT RAS system with "Accept any authentication including clear text" **CHECKED** and "Accept only encrypted authentication" **NOT CHECKED**. You may check or not any of the other options.

3. You must configure the Linux PPP to support UPAP. This is accomplished by putting your Windows NT domain user name and password into the /etc/ppp/pap-secrets file. The format of this file is described in the man page. Put a line into the file /etc/ppp/pap-secrets similar to the following:

   * costello abbot

(Have an asterisk as the first field, the account name 'costello' as
the second, and the password 'abbot' as the third. These are the
values for the Windows NT system; not the Linux system.) The proper security for that file is that it is owned by root and readable only by the owner (mode 400).

4. When you connect, use the options:

   +pap -chap

   This says that you wish to force the use of UPAP and decline any use of CHAP authentication. The pppd software should be able to deduce the options for UPAP and CHAP by itself. These are just "telling" it what you want. If you leave these option out, and you have a chap-secrets, it will suggest to Microsoft that it wants CHAP. If Microsoft agrees, then things will get sticky. So, by putting these options in, you are removing the flexibility of the program in choosing the wrong set of options.

That is basically it.

Good luck.

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