Serializing a static data member

 Is there any chance I can serialize a static data member ?

 Consider the following case.

 class CB:public CA
   static UINT m_number;

..... (more data menbers)


..... (some functions)

  Serialize (Carchive &ar);


The function serialize is defined as follows:

void CB::Serialize(CArchive &ar)

    if (ar.IsStoring())
              ar <<m_number;
             ar >>m_number;


m_number is used to store the amount of  objects of the same class.

When linking the following error occurs:

rror LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "protected: static unsigned int  CB::m_number" (?m_number@CB@@1IA)

Any help ? thanks.
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The error has nothing to do with Serialize. You declare the variable but not define it yet.

Put the following line in your .cpp file.

static UINT class CB::m_number = 0;


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Sorry, it should read

static UINT CB::m_number = 0;
e6694811Author Commented:

 I think I have to ommit the word "static" ,right ?
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