How to set monitor resolution for Sun workstation

I have a new Ultra 60 Sun workstation with a 24-inch big monitor. But it displays just as much info as the old 19 inch monitor and at larger sizes for icons and characters. Is there a way to set it to a higher resolution so that I can have more info displayed on the same screen?
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djveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a yes an no type scenario.

The X server (in this case CDE) has its resolution set when the server starts.  This determines the pixel size of the window. The icons are set sizes.

You can change the font size of terminal or console sessions.  Some applications, like Netscape, allow you to change the font too. Others don't allow it except throught the attributes of the program.

So, unless you tune your X server all you can do is change the fonts and attribures of the application if the apps allow it.
what is your X server and what is your actual resolution?
sun_dcAuthor Commented:
Thanks djve. I already found the answer to the question. We can use afbconfig/ffbconfig to set the resolutions. Those commands are hardware related. Different display cards have different commands to change the configuration.
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