Screen Freezes

I have Solaris 2.51 with CDE installed. I have worked with my partner to install all the latest patches from SUN. The problem still persists. The problem is the following: The pages opened on the desktop do not move when directed by the mouse or accecpt keyboard entries. The mouse moves but you can not drag anything around. The pages continue to recieve updates and it seems that the work station is running OK. This machine is typical in the office and it recieves data from feeds from vendors. This data is getting displayed and updated. Any applications that run seem to be ok after checking if databases etc are changeing dynamically. It looks like all is ok. It may be related to dispaly settings. May I respectfully ask for any suggestions.
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There are several possible reasons for this.

If "shift ESC" is pressed twice the screen freezes but the mouse can still access the control panel . To regain control press Exit and then select Cancel on the next window.

If your running a Sparc box with a PGX32 or M64 grpahics card and the screen freezes you need patch 107714 (for PGX32) or 103792(for the M64).


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