Two Scanners

How can I connect two Scanners to one PC?
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The answer is going to depend on the kind of scanners you want to connect. Scanners connect to PCs by one of three principal means: through the parallel port, via a SCSI chain, or via the USB. Both SCSI and USB support multiple devices so you connect the second scanner just like the first if you want them both on the same bus. For two parallel scanners I suggest you invest in a low cost card that adds a second parallel port to your PC. You can mix as well; one parallel and one SCSI for example. If you really care about performance you'd want two SCSI scanners.

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The best way to do this is to purchase a scanner that supports the feature.  The HP 6200C and 6300C models have lanscan built into the software.  I have installed this and encountered no difficulties.  

It does require that you have the two PCs networked through a hub.  Hub, cards and cable can be purchased for ~$125-150 depending on what brands and where you but the equipment.  Specifically, you'll need on hub, a Network Interface Card for each PC, and cabling for the connections.  

An additional benefit is that if you decide to add a third computer (or more) you'll be able to access the same scanner.

Good Luck.

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Ummm, I thought the question was how to connect two Scanners to one PC, not how to connect two PCs to one scanner. Yup, a careful reading of the original question indicates that's the case. Perhaps johlari would like to reevaluate his own proposed answer in this light. Good luck, johlari.
Ah, of course.  Sorry about the diversion.  It is so unusual to want to connect two scanners to one PC, my mind wandered off.

Fixed the -1 problem on this question.
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