claris emailer as default client

prior to installer communicator 4.5, when i clicked an email link while browsing on the web using netscape, it will open a new message window from claris emailer, my default email client.  since i have
upgraded to communicator 4.5, netscape messenger will pop up instead, even though i have set claris emailer as my default email client in internet control panel.  is there anyway to change my settings such that clicking mailto link will open claris emailer instead?
fyi, i run a mac g3 with mac os 8.6.
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piggooAuthor Commented:
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weedCommented: create an applescript with the Script Editor...the script goes like this:

tell application "Netscape Navigator"
     register protocol "CSOm" for protocol "mailto"
end tell

The CSOm part of that is what should be the creator code for Claris Emailer but CSOm is really for Eudora (since thats what i use). Hopefully someone here can provide you with the creator code for Claris Emailer. Anyway create an applescript with that and run it..Nuff said.

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piggooAuthor Commented:
the applescript itself is very clear.  however, i am still not quite sure about the following:

(1)  how many times/how often do i need to run this applescript?  once only, and navigator preferences will be set?  or do i have to run this applescript everytime i reboot my mac? or do i run this applescript each time before i launch navigator?

(2)  does anybody in this forum know the correct creator code for claris emailer?  or can i use something like ResEdit to find out?  if so, how do i go about doing it?

(you can tell i am an applescript and ResEdit novice.)

thank you.
1) you just need to run the applescript once. Thats it.

2) have a look on If someone here cant give you the code there are lots of programs listed there that will tell you the code.
piggooAuthor Commented:
thanks.  i am all set.
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