Too Many Netwrok Connections

I have implemented a peer-to-peer Network system using Windows 95 with 5 pc's using D-Link DFE-530TX cards and connected to a D-Link 9 port auto-sensing HUB. Currently I am using TCP/IP and NetBEUI protocols.

I have dedicated a PC (Config: Pentium III500 64MB RAM, 6.4GB HDD) connected to a HP LaserJet 5P Printer to act as a server. The problem I face is that after some time usually half a day later we receive this message when you try to print or open a map directory : There are already too many connections to the PC that it can handle. The map drive is unavailable or the printer goes offline.

Please advise....Thanks

Robert M.
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Win95/98/NT workstation is limited to 10 concurrent connections. If you need more, you need NT server.
try disconnecting one link at a time to see if message dissapears. try to eliminate the computer link that is causing the prob. also try another hub
if availlable. you may be having a hub problem or you may be connected to the uplink port.
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