SELL my program.. legality and ADVICE

I want to sell an app that I'm currently doing.. maybe some sell it to a company.
The fact is.. I want to have a "Light" version of this app. available and free to download for anyone at for example..

how will this affect if I want to sell the complete app to a company ?

also, if a company buys it I shall give them the full source code.. I use 3rd party ( freeware ) components.. a lot.. how can this affect ? I mean, maybe the company won't want it if I haven't done all the code and most of the things I use are already made components by other people..

also.. is it legal to use some icons/images from other apps in the light (freeware) version ? and in a shareware one ?
I use some images from ICQ like the Message icon..

can you give me some advice about all this ?
I don't know if I should just make my app shareware or offer it to a company who would buy the rights of the program..

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ok the main answer is simple and you have suggetsed the name yourself.


so you use too different names.
look at what borland do on there web site they offer delphi5 trial download but still sell it to companys..
the components issue is very different and individual to each must either read all documentation or ask the author of the component if it is ok to sell(most wont agree without some fee )
same applies to the icons/images, you must contact maker of icq and ask permission (get it in writing or save any emails correspondance)
or it maybe easier to make your own icon(its only take 1hr at most im sure and save headaches later..)

it is up to you as weather you give source away or not though not many programs come with source(icq for instance has no source)and if you dont give source you can sell upgrades later(make more money :-) but you must still ask component authors if its ok to sell a app that contains their components.
this will be cheaper because if your not giving their sources away there is less chance they want compensation.
basically if you have permission then its legal as i own my house if you dont then you may get a letter from someones lawyer one day ..
hope this helps yu out
Regards Barry

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bryan7Author Commented:
hi there, thanks, I'll try to contact all the components makers.. a problem is that some of the components come with an email/website from the author that is not active yet.. so I can't communicate with them..

when I said about selling this program to a company, I mean sell it with source.. sell the rights of the program so they can continue programming and updating it like AOL did with ICQ.


yes i know the problem with contacting websites and they are not there anymore.
as youve mention you want to sell the source with program then to make it legal you'll definetly need to get permission(remember to keep/save these permissions)and im quite sure alot of the authors will want a fee/commission for that.
btw what is your program?
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bryan7Author Commented:
it's a chat program.. it has almost all the features of ICQ-chat plus a few more..
it has full chat font support like icq , file transfer, messages/urls, chat file player, possibility to save as rtf txt and live chat, ( ICQ is a crap saving chats.. ), it's faster than icq chat  also, it has a notepad for some fast notes, a mini browser, window to send email, i'm also working on the possibility to conect to irc and send messages to icq users, and also on remote controlling. i also made an encription routine to send everything encripted (does icq do it ?)
it also has irc and split style, umm, what more,, I'm working on the possibility to automatically send the font u r using if the remote user doesn't have it so he/she can see the font u use.
appart from it, it has direct acces to ping ip's, netstat to see active connections, msdos, and a few links to useful sites form internet..
what i want for the final product is a mix of a lot of useful tools and the possibility that people can connect pc to pc without any server like icq and the possibility to encode the text with their own password so they feel secure. I also want the chat to be able to have more than 1 user and I'll also make a server part like icq..

if it's good enough to compete like and has a lot more functions and doesn't have the bugs icq has maybe some company would be interested in buying it.. I've been working on it since last May. Most of the things are already done..

what do you think about it ?
maybe I'm working for nothing ?
sounds good and if icq got so big[popular] then why shouldnt yours ;-)

>>maybe I'm working for nothing ?
no you must always think positive.
and when you are finished do lots to publise the program(like send a copy of the shareware to a pc magazine to include on their coverdisk etc..)

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