Cannot Find Rules Folder in R5

Hello ,

It seems that the Rules folder is missing on my mail db navigation pane. Can somebody help me to restore it? Thanks.
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lozcollinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you got a 4x replica as well (on the database tab)?   If you have and that is pointing at the 4x database through R5 the rules folder does not show up. (Had this problem earlier today).
Have you tried doing a design refresh? Open the database and click File | Database | Refresh Design.

If it doesn't come back someone may have deleted it out of the template.
numero666Author Commented:
Yes.. i have tried the design refresh and replace design(since i upgraded my notes from 4.5).

I just have installed R5 but after upgrading and learning the new things in R5, i notice that you can arrange your incoming mails with the RULES folder, but i cannot locate find it.

Please help me how to restore it. Thanks.

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Check the design Template of the mail file's name in the database's design tab.  Make sure it is the template name of R5.

Then use File - Database - Replace design.

Refreshing sometimes may not work (I have encountered a same situation)

Do replace the design and check.

Good Luck !

numero666Author Commented:
I checked and it's R5.0 but still i can't see the rules folder until now.
numero666Author Commented:
I'm rejecting this answer since there is no solid solution but i'm adding the points to the new (same question) that i've just posted, adding the total points to 500 points.
numero666Author Commented:
Ooopss...sorry, i thought the points will be returned but it did not. Anyway...i'll be awarding too the points here to the first one who can make my RULES folders show on my mail db. Thanks.
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