Displaying chinese on the web

Can anyone tell me how to display Chinese characters on a browser storing on a form. I use English Domino Server 5.01a, but it translate my chinese characters into other characters.
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kdebisschopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is the regional translator right certified for the chinese characters?

This seems more to be a question of the character set of your browser.
For instance for Netscape, you can change it under view-character set to the chinese character set.

kdebisschop, as I mentioned before please don't lock questions with answers like this.
Anyhow I would be interested what is a "regional translator" ?

the regional translator is a new feature in R5, you can add an alternate name to an existing user so that for example a user's name can be displayed in chinese and in English. For this one the userid has to be recertified with the regional certifier id who stores the alternate languages.

Paebdb, sorry for the inconvenience that I locked the questions. I've not the intention to take all points. I shall look out in the future.
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