SCSI devices

I have a scsi card in my computer, with one scsi harddrive connected to it (my c: drive).  If I purchase a cd recorder that's scsi, will I be able to attach the cd recorder to the same ribbon that my scsi harddrive is on?  In other words, can I have two scsi drives on one ribbon/card and expect everything to work?


PS: If the CD Recorder is scsi 2 and my scsi card is just a plain old scsi card that's not scsi 2 specifically, will my scsi card be able to support a scsi 2 device?
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CARLOSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can connect your scsi writer to your existing scsi controller with your hdd...your controller will support up to 7 scsi devices.. just make sure when connecting the last device is at the moment your controller will be terminated and currently your hdd will be terminated because it's the last device in the chain. When u add your cdr your can place it in the middle with no termination or at the end moving the termination from the hdd to the cdr.

if your recorder is scsi 2 it will still work ok.
core123Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
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