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How do I set up my SBLive card for use in SuSE 6.3? The drivers from don't work with my kernel.
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mpassConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to the link below and get the latest source file. Extract the files to a location of your choosing. Once you've extracted the files, edit the Makefile and change the line that says "MODVERSIONS = auto" to "MODVERSIONS = y". Now type make and the module will compile with version information.

Next, copy the file emu10k1.o to your /lib/modules/kernelversion#/misc .(Replace kernelversion# with the kernel version number you are running.I'm also not real sure if this is the proper module location under Suse. Check and see.)Now you should be able to type "modprobe emu10k1" to load the module. If all went well, you should be able to hear sound when you play something. You'll need to edit your /etc/conf.modules for the module to be loaded at startup.Try adding the following lines to it:

alias sound emu10k1
pre-install emu10k1 insmod soundcore
post-remove emu10k1 rmmod soundcore

Please leave a comment if you still have problems. Thanks.
DanielBurrowsAuthor Commented:
Done all of that apart from the final modprobe part. I've su to root but still doesnt recognise that command when I type it in. (This one is for Debian).
Try 'insmod emu10k1' or 'insmod -f emu10k1' to force load it. Tell me what happens. Thanks.
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