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Hi folks,

 What is the best software around to record sound?(i.e my voice).....what format would be best!?
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saoudAuthor Commented:
hey, please answer me as soon as possible!
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The initial recording can be done by anything (Sound Recorder in Windows, for example).  Then, if you want/need to edit the recording, you should look into other packages.  I'd suggest trying for Sound Editing software that you can download and try.

Much of the recording capability is determined by the quality of the sound card.  You'll get the best quality with the highest bit-rate and the highest frequency (Generally, CD quality is considered 16 bit, 44.1 KHz).  Unless you have a very old sound card, yours should be able to record at this level.  Format doesn't entirely matter - it just gives you a more or less common file to store it in.  .WAV is the most common and the format a file must be in when you want to write it to CD.  And many editors will be able to give you options to save it in another format.

(Actually, one editing program I liked was included with WinFax 8.0 - unfortunately I can't remember what it was called and I no longer use WinFax).
Hi saoud,

IMHO, Goldwave ( is the best shareware editor available.  It is really easy to use and extremely powerful.  I use it a lot when recording from old LPs and cassettes onto CD.  I can edit the wave form, remove hisses and pops, add special effects etc.

It is shareware, but there are no fucntions removed, just a messagebox when you use it a certain amount of times per day.  Definately worth the download!


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saoudAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the help......I actually tried the windows recorder you all know , but it just gives one minute for recodring....!

Please give me some time to try the software programs you suggested ,so I can see what i like the most and see to whom I should award the points..
You know , i'm kinda of busy because of the finals, so give me some time

cakewalk and cubase are excellent, professional recording softwares unless you're looking for something for newbies.

you can find trial versions of these softwares on sites like and

for more entry level stuff, there is a company called Sonic which has a few products like Foundry and Acid to do what you want.
also, Sonic has a program called Siren which is OK.
WaveStudio is good!!!
The better format in 44 Khz, 16 Bits and stereo is MP3, but the standard is Wav that isn't compressed.
also look at
You can use Windows Sound Recorder to record more than 1 minute of sound. The Microsoft KnowledgeBase has information on how to do it. Look for article q82215

Also, I would suggest CoolEdit96 or CoolEdit Pro. Both are excellent packages for recording sound.

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saoudAuthor Commented:
Thanks GuruPepsi, I was first confused to whom should i award the points, but since suggested one and showed me to record more than one minute in windows sound recorder, I awarded you and thanks to everybody else
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