Hp Deskjet Bumping

HP DeskJet printer exibit a bumping on carriage return - what causes this and what are the possible solutions?
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BigMarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Betcha this works:

Have a look at the optical encoder strip that runs across the printer and through the carriage.  It is an acetate strip with thousands of lines etched onto it.
Deskjets have a habit of gungin up this strip - remove it from the spring clips and GENTLY clean it with some mild cleaser liquid.  Your printer will proably work OK now.
This strip tells the printhead where tis is and if it can't count the lines properly it loses track of the margins and bashes the heap against the side of the printer.

Try applying a silicon based lubricant to the carriage bar that the print heads move back and forth on.  Make sure you only get it on the bar and up by the print cradle.  To get the cartridge cradle out open the printer cover with the power on, and unplug the power to the printer once the cradle is out in the middle.  Apply lubricant on the bar and manually slide cradle back and forth to lubricate thouroughly.
Try giving it a thorough cleaning.  It sounds like there is a "dust bunny" somewhere that is causing the printer to lose it's home.
the belt spring may need to be replaced, this is a common problem with deskjets.
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