Login and out from Windows NT Server

We have Windows NT Server 4.0 as fileserver.

In Delphi, how can I login in out from the server not using the Windows NT Workstation NET USE comand?

How to determine if I have already logged in?

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i can send you some components
(just leave your mail address) to do this ,i dunno where i got them but they are free and come with source if you just want to use a couple of the functions instead of installing them all.(contains about 15-20 nt comps all in seperate units)
Regards Barry


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they have funbctions like this:

function TNTLogon.Logon:Boolean;
     If Not LogonUser(PChar(FUserName),PChar(FDomain),PChar(FPassword),FLogonType,FLogonProvider,FUserToken) Then

some of the other functions in the first component are:

 function GetTheUserName:String;
    function GetTheDomainName:String;
    function GetThePassword:String;
    function GetTheLogonType:DWORD;
    function GetTheLogonProvider:DWORD;
    function GetTheToken:THandle;
    function GetTheError:DWORD;
    procedure SetTheUserName(TheValue:String);
    procedure SetTheDomainName(TheValue:String);
    procedure SetThePassword(TheValue:String);
    procedure SetTheLogonType(TheValue:DWORD);
    procedure SetTheLogonProvider(TheValue:DWORD);
    procedure SetTheToken(TheValue:THandle);
    procedure SetTheError(TheValue:DWORD);

and just counted there is 40 comps altogether covering  
- Working with the Event Log
- Managing Users and Groups
- Network functionality

Regards Barry
inthe, Please send my way too.
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Hi Barry,

one question: What does "r.r.y." mean?

I mean, "Ba" from "Barry" means evidently "(B)orgs(A)ssimilate", but what about "rry" from "Barry"?


Would you mind sending me that stuff, too? Thank you...   :-)

Regards, Madshi.
ok i send you too also .. Mad - shi (t)
;-)) Lol
hongsikchoiAuthor Commented:
Please send them to me.
My email address is: hongsikchoi@yahoo.com.

I will give you the points after them.

Thank you.
i have just sent them
hope they are ok.
Regards Barry
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