installing NE2000 Ethernet on SuSE 6.0

i need help in installing my ISA NE2000 compatible network-card...
the card has a realtek-chipset.
although linux supports realtek-ethernet-cards and NE2000 compatibles,
i can´t install it (the card ;)
the system i want to install on is a i486-DX33 with 12megs of RAM.

i tried to set up the card with PNPdump
and such a thing :)
this works fine for my soundcard, but it doesn´t work for the ethernet...
i tried the automatic configuration, but this didn´t work either.
i also tried to set it up manually with
modprobe. but none of the provided IO-ports did work.
on bootup, system messages say something like this:
1. ethernet pnp ... found at f.e 0x320
2. setting up ethernet(does nothing to have to do with the pnp initialisation)
   failed: network device/resource busy

so my final question:
how do i get this ISA NE2000 comp.- card installed ?
all suggestions are welcom :)
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Get a DOS boot floppy. Boot to dos, use the setup util for the card to disable PnP and set it to I/O 300 and IRQ 10 (or whatever is available)
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