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I have a flat ascii file where each line contains an email address.  I also have a bash script that will read 1 line at a time and issue a command for sending out an email.
The email to be sent will all be the same email, just to different address (Christmas Greeting Card).  I want to attach a small image file as well as a small text message in the body of the email.
How can I build this email file and how can I send it in batch mode.
I've tried building the email in Outlook Express and saving it to a file, then using mail < emailfile.txt - but I get the entire email message in the body, the image file and all is still encoded etc..
Any Ideas.....
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Install majordomo!  Majordomo is a mailing list manager package and can handle this task.  In fact, your one-subscriber-address-per-line is the same format used by Majordomo, so once you configure the mailing list, you can just exchange the subscriber file with your existing file.  Check out for information on the program.  If you have a RedHat or Mandrake system, you may be able to find an RPM for majordomo from if it's not already intalled.

Then once the list is set up, you just send the email to one address - the listname - and majordomo will handle the sending to all of your subscribers.

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