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Running Linux Deluxe 6.5 using KDE how do you format 3.5" floppy disk Linux native preferred.
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typical75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
okay, under utilities there is an application called Kfloppy that will format a floppy into whatever filesytstem type you want ext2 or vfat.
RudyJBAuthor Commented:
I have search the Utilities an can not find KFLOPPY listed anywhere. Is this a separate Module that needs to be installed.
I use Gnome but under my KDE applications, I have a section for utilities. It is under there that I find Kfloppy. Deluxe Linux 6.5 is Mandrake isn't it? I'm not sure. I know that redhat and mandrake both install this automatically.
RudyJBAuthor Commented:
Deluxe Linux 6.5 is Mandrake. Using Gnome I Find a User Disk Tool but nothing in KDE.
open a terminal window and type
mke2fs /dev/fd0
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