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I installed Red Hat Linux 6.1, but my sound card can't play any sound. I looked at the HOWTO, it mentioned a program "sndconfig" and "setup", I ran both of them, they can find my sound card, it's a PCI Plug and Play sound card, but it says my sound card "is not supported". How can I make it play sound? What else need I do?
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you need to specify what sound card you are using
zhangjingAuthor Commented:
Well, but my question is how to solve this kind of problem, not specify a sound card, for example, I have five different kinds of sound card, they all have this problem, do I need to find drivers for them all? and from where? my vender seems doesn't provide support to linux. And if I got the driver, how do I install it into linux?
Sound cards are a funny area under Linux - yes, you will need to find drivers for them. There are quite a few commercial soundcard drivers about - if sndconfig won't detect it then this is probably the route you have to take. Many also give a trial version (that plays for 5 mins or something).
Installation notes will come with the driver.
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zhangjingAuthor Commented:
Thanks, sblawrence, my problem is: when I run sndconfig, it can find the sound card, because it's a PCI plug and play sound card. It can list the sound card name, but when I click on "Ok", it says "this kind of sound card is not supported", do you have any url link to the commercial drivers you mentioned above?
Found a couple of links which I followed when I was sorting out my soundcard - first for configuring PnP cards, with more detail from
The machine I was configuring at the time had a TurtleBeach card - I couldn't get it configured and tried a commercial driver that worked. What is your sound card?
I think the thing with soundcards is that they need their own particular drivers, but you can sometimes get away with using the 'Soundblaster compatible' part of them.
Here's a good link to a driver that supports several sound cards in linux:

They have a compatibility list and free download area as well as installation and configuration notes.
zhangjingAuthor Commented:
My sound card is a PCI card, Yamaha something. I am not sure if it will work with isapnp tools, it's a PCI card, not an ISA card, I am not sure if it will work. I will try the software biard provide.

BTW, how to manually specify my sound card is a sound blaster card? Do I need to rebuild the kernel?
If you have YMF724 chipset based card then u have to use oss  ..
it not supported with RedHat distribution set ..
zhangjingAuthor Commented:

Yes, exactly, I am using that YMF724. I am so glad to learn that there is someone who know that. :)

But what is oss? where to download it?

Thank you!
The link is

You can get a trial for free, and then it's like $30.

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zhangjingAuthor Commented:
I installed oss, it works!

But it only allow me to hear for 3 hours, and I haven't $30. Forget it.

Who knows a free one?
I have amd k6-3 400 mhz,64 mb ram 8 mb agp card(sis 6326) and yamaha xg(s-yxg50) sound card i facing problem in configuration ,
i have installed red hat linux 6.1
kudzu detects pci sound card but it gives message "unknown vendor|unknown device"
and "this card is not supported"
sound card driver for linux is not available in the driver cd which i got with the card.
i tried the link above but i couldn't find any driver suitable to my card.
please help
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