how to install modules in local directory ?

I have telnet access

I dont have ROOT access to my server and I want to install PERL MODULES in my OWN directory and point the PERL program to it ?

perl modules such as , lwp http etc and etc

Please can anyone give me step by step info on installation and how to point my perl program to those modules ?

give me 2 options

option 1 : I cant run the "make  or install" command

option2 : I can run the above command

christopher sagayamAsked:
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perl looks for modules in the directories defined in INC so just check that your own running directory is there, if not, add it with a PUSH.

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'.' is usually the last element of @INC, if not, you should push it at compile time in a BEGIN sub, or with use lib
(But some modules could require root or make to install, depending on what they do)
christopher sagayamAuthor Commented:
please tell me suppose I have a or or -- all I have to do is to move/copy it to my directory and point @INC to that directory  -- IS THAT ALL ?

IS there no need to run a "make" or a make "install" ?

ozoCommented: can just be copied to your directory.
I'm not sure what or are, or whether or not they may depend on other modules that may require making.
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