Final Fantasy VII =Trivia=

How come in the Japanese version of FF7, you are able to resurect Aeris? But in the American version of FF7, you CAN NOT resurect Aeris?
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::grins:: When I attended DigiPen, we pondered over this same question quite a bit.  There are two different SquareSoft companies.  One in Japan, one in the US.  The US branch is the newer of the two, and is the branch that is responsible for translating Japanese games.  They left the part out as a type of bonus to the japanese players....  There are a few other parts in the japanese version that aren't in the us version, but those are more typical, like nudity in the Japanese but not in the US....

whiteshadowAuthor Commented:
Well Yes, but you also left out that they had a VERY TIGHT budget and time limit. So when the dead line came up, they werent finished so they cut out the resurection area so us north american gamers wouldnt have never resurected her unless of the cheat machine, the gameshark. I would give you the 200 points but you didnt ANSWER the question, try to ANSWEER the question so i can give u the points, they wont let me give u points if u only comment on it. And if u other people ANSWER it, I ant given ya the points, Only BudWeezer. :) Now try to look for the trivia called "Final Fantasy Anthology =Trivia="
I was watching a program the other day about the making of Tomb Raider 4, and they said that they had to change the way TR4 worked for the Japanese market because they (the Japanese) didn't like dying and restarting (in the game).  So instead, they penalised the player by making them loos guns or items they have picked up.

Maybe this is the same for FF7?  I dont know, but it certainly sounds that way to me.

HOla hola!  I like video game trivia. ;-)  Considering I'm a video game programmer..I have a slight advantage in some areas.  Ask me how they DO stuff!!  =P


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