Partition Magic 3

I have never run Partition Magic 3,it was actually the first time.
I wanted to take some space from my Win 98 partition
and give it to the NT one.I resized the Win98 one and
converted free space to NTFS(cca. 100 MB).
Then, I thought, I will do the thing viceversa with NT partition,but
at this time the things have taken a strange turn.
PM would not let me handle the NT partition.I could do virtually nothing with it.So I was stuck with 100MB of NTFS space that
no program would reckognize.Tried FDISK,but the fantomatic space was
still missing.PM would not even see it...
Now I am trying to haunt this space out of my system,but really
have no idea how.I formatted the partitions to the naked bone,
erased all data on my disk and converted everything left to FAT32,but
still that space is missing.
How can I get my space back???
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Senad,

Fdisk on the Win98 setup disk treats NTFS partitions as non-dos.

Run Fdisk first, and depending upon where you placed that partition, remove it as a non-dos partition. Then remove the primary to recover the entire disk. Reboot to the setup floppy, run Fdisk and verify disk size. If everything is now okay, then put your partitions in and then format.

Thanks for the "C" Senad. I'll remember it!
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