open FILE with unique Name

I need to open a temp file to drop data into and need to make sure I don't run into a conflict if the same file is already open. What I need is some how check if the file exists and if so, give it a unique name. I then delete them after I have written/read to them, so they don't exists very long. I just need to make sure my script don't try and write to my temp file that may already be open under another process!

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If I understand your meaning, you have a perl script which needs to:

1. Create a temporary file
2. Write / Read data to/from temp file
3. Deletes the temporary file

If this is the case, consider something like:

$tmpfilename = "tmp$$.txt";

which creates a filename with the current process id embedded in it. This will be unique, as no 2 processes running concurrently on the system will have the same PID.

If I misunderstood your meaning, please reject the answer and explain further.


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BiffoAuthor Commented:
Well the code makes my temp file OK, but I having a tough time deleting it when I am done!!

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BiffoAuthor Commented:
oooooops here is your points since your answer is doing what I want!! Thank You.

What kind trouble are you having deleting the file ?
What kind trouble are you having deleting the file ?
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