install problems of a new application

i have build a setup with the setup kit of VB on a win98 based PC
i marked all dll's needed in the setup (so they are included)

now i try to install via the setup kit the application on a win95 based pc

the problems are :
1) unable to call DLL register Server
2) Unable to load c:\programfiles\common files\system\ole db\MSDADC.DLL to register it
3) after manually installed the dll in the directory : same message for MSDASC.DLL and SQLOLEDB.DLL (but these files were already installed on the PC

i think i need to install DCOM98 on the win95 based pc but i'm not sure

anyone a suggestion ??
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Éric MoreauConnect With a Mentor Senior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Win95/98 PCs need DCOM98.EXE prior to the installation of MDAC_TYP.EXE.

If you read the last screen of the Package & Deployment Wizard's Package option, it is clearly written.
"i think i need to install DCOM98 on the win95 based pc but i'm not sure"

why not try it then? ;)
Check each dependency - for DLLSelfRegisterEX - for each object to be installed.  A common one is in MSCal.OCX (the dep file has this dllselfregisterex). Simply remove the EX off the end of the dep, and you wont have this problem any more.

Also, for the package you just build, check the setup.lst file, and look for the same.

If this does not fix your problem - install MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components)

furioxAuthor Commented:
installing DCOM95 was more than enough
furioxAuthor Commented:
because it was a windows 95 based PC i installed DCOM95
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