How to update a program frome remote computer

What ways are there to remote a program in some computer from remote?
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There are lots o ways, depends on what exactly you want to accomplish.

For example, if you want the client program to upgrade itself, it can download the revised program from the server with a different name (since you cannot overwrite a running file, and even if you could - you'd like to preserve the original in case the download fails to complete) and replace it at next startup by means of MoveFileEx() or WININIT.INI

Another option is to partition your app into several DLLs, then FreeLibrary() and replace the needed DLL.

If you wanted to do something else, please elaborate.
I've done sth. like this by having a service runnig on the client which initiates the update when it's signalled to. Is this what you thought of?
I have a upd.ini in the server . Each time the program loads it downloads the ini and checks if newer version . If exist , prompts user and starts download .
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michaliAuthor Commented:
jkr- how exactly the service is work?
by whom it is signalled and how it updates the program?
>>by whom it is signalled and how it updates the program?

It is by a 'helper' app that uses an IPC channel to initiate the update - this app can either be started manually or by the setup program that installs a newer component on the server...

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Wel, you should have *asked* if you had more questions on this, so I might have been more helpful than a 'C' ... (thanx anyway ;-)
michaliAuthor Commented:
you are right.
I will remember this for next time.
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