Find All Computer In Workgroup Or Domain


How Can I Find All The Computer In "Workgroup" Or In "Domain" and map the selected computer "C$" drive?
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download this example  to see how to enum the network then use

then use like this to map the drives:

procedure TForm1.Button3Click(Sender: TObject);
 NetResource: TNetResource;
  { fill our TNetResource record structure }
 NetResource.dwType       := RESOURCETYPE_DISK;
 NetResource.lpLocalName  := 'S:';
 NetResource.lpRemoteName := '\\server\public';
 NetResource.lpProvider   := '';
{ map our network drive using our TNetResource
 record structure }
      '', {Clave o vacio /Password or empty}
      '', {Nombre del usurio o vacio/User name o vacio}
{In that example, we will connect '\\server\public' to S:,
 without username neither password }

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hi barry,
now you will catch me soon
meikl ;-)
somehow i doubt it ;-)
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traustiAuthor Commented:
I want to make a Delphi app thats scans all network and find all active computers in the network and show me in listbox
hello did you not try the example i show you?
are you new to delphi?
if you need i change the example to listbox and i presume you want to add/map the found resources on a buttonclick.
traustiAuthor Commented:
Yes thank you
traustiAuthor Commented:
Yes Thanks
ok wait for a bit (i eat tea first the missus is shouting me ;-)
do you need this in listbox or was the demo in treeview ok?
i tried listbox but could only get to computer names not the drivs as well :-(
but if it really need to be listbox ill ask a question to get someone else to do it(meikl listening :-)
btw how will you know the c drives? the enum network only gets the sharename not the actual drive .
are your share names like c:
allways listening :-)
traustiAuthor Commented:
I will be able to get all the computers in the workgroup or domain e.g "TJONDLD" <-- this is the workgroup --> "TJON_TRAUSTI" <-- this is the computer name.

I will be able to get all the workgroups in treeview or listbox and double click and the i see all the computers in that workgroup. And when i click on one computer then i will be able to map the C$ drive and make shortcuts under c:\winnt\profiles\...\start menu\programs\

Is this possible?
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