Mega Man X 3 Rom Download

Where can i find Mega Man X 3 as a Rom
to Download and does it work with the
ZSNES Emulator?
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XxLuxoRxXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Currently no Emulator Supports this game...i downlaoded it and it does not work on ANY and i mean ANY emulator for SNES....u can try just be a waste of time.
YOU SUCK!! I had it and it worked fine on zsnes 9.88, but I no longer have it.  Although I do have megaman 9, partially english...doesn't seem to work on zsnes 9.88, it just freezes my cpu...
Yes, it works on zsnes.  I have it on my computer,  and i own the game.
try a google search for snesheaven, i believe thats where i got it.

Dont download it if you dont own the game.
Actually, this game works just fine on SNES9x, so I see no reason why it shouldn't work on znes (though I heard it needs a patch on znes).  You should be able to find the X3 rom on
You can get the rom here

And a working emulator here

Keep in mind though that you need to own the actual copy of the game or atleast delete it within 24 hours.
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