how htaccess run only one script when login

I would like to run one script when user login into
member section and count the logon..

when use Action command, It run every time that
member access every file or dir.

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Hi there:
in your memeber page (the page that runs the script) you must do something like this:

--------- 8< -------------
if session("logged") = false then
  Action ....
  session("logged") = true
  Application("users_logged") = Application("users_logged") + 1
end if
--------- 8< --------------

and in your global.asa add this line to the application_onstart

Application("users_logged") = 0

and this other lines in the session_onEnd

if session("logged") = true then
  Application("users_logged") = Application("users_logged") - 1
end if

so when you want to know how many ppl are logged you have the value in the Application("users_logged") var


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tong111797Author Commented:
Is it .htaccess language ?

or perl code ?

It's ASP.


PS: Any doubt just ask

This question's got nothing to do with ASP.  You may want to repost it in the CGI category.

BTW, I'm not a heavy Apache user, but that's my understanding of what the Action directive does, it runs your script whenever the particular mime-type is requested--  It's not a run once kind of thing.
Fixed the -1 problem on this question.
Escrow points corrected.

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