Is there anyway to update the Xconfigurator (I've got red hat 5.2)
I know a new version of red hat was released, but i don't want (or may i say CAN'T) download it cause it's too big.
For now, I just want to update my kernel and the Xconfigurator. So that i can choose the correct video chip, video ram, etc, as in this version the maximum video ram is 8Mb and i've got 16Mb, and the latest Diamond Viper is 330 and i've got 770.

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guess ya'll have to update your xserver and other files too
better try to get that RH 6.1 cdrom
you can also edit the X config file manually
if you know your video card specs. see if that
works with your xserver. i'm pretty curious myself
about that.
pablocastaAuthor Commented:
but... if i download rh6.1 using Windows98, how can i run it using Linux, as under Linux you can't see Windows files?
maybe samba?
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1. linux CAN see windows files
do a little research: "man mount"

2. why not ftp under linux?

3. or: ftp under windows, build
two disks used to boot & install or
upgrade linux, boot with that
and you can upgrade using the files
on your windows partition.
pablocastaAuthor Commented:
i'm new to Linux, that's why i'm using windows to download files, but i quite didn't get the last part (point 3).
Is there any way to start my computer under windows and if i want to change to Linux?
if i'm nor wrong i installed windows in my primary disk partion and linux in the secondary. (may be it has to do with that)
sorry for being not too specific.

I meant to say that you can
upgrade your linux using
the rh6.1 distribution files
you downloaded on your windows

there is a procedure for doing
this that involves 2 diskettes
you have to build. to do it
like this, get an installation HOWTO
and read that.

but the easy-est way is to yell
at your friends that you NEED
a bootable rh6.1 cdrom. :)
get one of those, boot from it
and your linux will upgrade like magic.
pablocastaAuthor Commented:
isn't there another way??
what if i don't want to download the full rh6.1? i just want to update my Xconfigurator.
i wonk WORK. the new Xconfigurator ASSUMES you have the new xserver / fonts / xfs / etc / etc
j2 is correct - the XConfigurator is just a configuration program.  It isn't the part of X-Windows that determines if your video card is supported or not.  At the VERY least, you'd have to upgrade your X-Server as well, and probably a large portion of the rest of your X related files.

Have you configured your Linux system to connect to the Internet yet?  If so, you should be able to upgrade your system via FTP.  I BELIEVE this would download only the files that are required for the upgrade, and it would replace files as it goes, so you shouldn't have to hold the entire distribution on your drive at one time.

Not sure, though...
FYI latest version of X is 3.3.5 available for download at www.xfree86.org - I just installed in the other day (I'm running RH6 but needed the very latest X for my video card).
If you just want to upgrade X there are about 10 files to download (was about 5Mb).
You can just upgrade via FTP but wouldn't advise it because there's still going to be at least a few hundred Mb to download.
Would still advise trying to get hold of a later copy of Redhat since it will have all the latest X add-ons - a lot of these are still a bit beta on the 5.2 distribution.
pablocastaAuthor Commented:
so, i'll have to download red hat 6.1 or even buy it to get this thing work right?
pretty much so. yes.
no. You just need the XFree86 server, not RH 6.1
Foollow the link above.
For the kernel, download the kernel rpms from www.redhat.com or from www.freshmeat.net . Use glint or rpm -uvh to upgrade.

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