Slow modem connect speed?


I encountered a computer that has very slow connects speeds.  Speeds around 19,200 on a 56K ISP.  I downloaded new drivers for it and the connect speeds increased to 37,666.  When she returned to her home state the connect speed dropped to 19,200 once again.

My question is: What, besides phone lines and the ISP will cause a modem to have a consistantly slow connect speed?

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There is something called MTU (maxium transfer units) and they are a major cause of slow modem speeds (you can connect at 56k and download as if you had a 12k connection).  There are a few fixes for this the best page I have ever found for this stuff is

good luck and have fun with all of the other tips as well.
You should d/l the zip file and extract it.  Then read modem and mtu and aol files. Your answer will lie in there.  TherE are about 50 tips for modems.

Hope this helps

As always
Mr. Happy
Besides phone lines, the other culprit for slow connections is the modem itself.  Cheaper modems, especially winmodems, are not capable of adaquetly handling phone line noise.  Have this person spend a little cash and pick up a Diamond Supra Express (NOT Supra Max) or US Robotics faxmodem (NOT winmodem).  These will make the best of whatever phone line quality she has, and give her the best data transfer speed.  I've seen these modems increase connect speed by 5-15k in various situations.
The mian problems is your modem's Chip. What brand of modem you brought? Chip is very impotant for a modem now! Please tell me what brand that modem you using now, then i think i can help uou solve your problem.
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KarlAiblingAuthor Commented:
kind4me:  I have rejected your answer for the moment simply because it is not answering my question.  As far as the web site is concerned, I have tried to access it twice with no luck.  Will get back to you when I am able to access it.  Thank you for your answer.  I welcome further comments.

cedrick80: The computer is an HP Pavilion and it uses a 56K LT Winmodem.  I used basically the same computer for 1.5 years and had a consistant connect speed of 46,000bps and a very respectable file transfer rate.  I feel the modem is cabable of much better performance that it is giving.

I know that noisy phone lines, (poor connections, high resistance connections, old wire and a multitude of other problems with the phone system can create a slow connection.  My concern is if I am missing something with the modem setup, etc.  Phone lines and crummy ISP's are factors that I cannot control.  It is up to her to see if this can be resolved.  I just need to be sure the computer/modem is fine.


Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
KarlAibling, suggest try this:-

(1)  Go to the control panal - system icon -device manager - Port (Com & LPT)
Select the com port 2 (assume that this is the modem driver installed on this COM port), Click the properties,
<> set the Bits per second [115200],
<> Flow control [ Hardware ].
<> Click the [Advance] button, Set the Receive buffer to the highest , Click OK.

(2)  Go back to the device manager, select the modem icon, click into the properties, At modem tab,
<> set the max.speed [115200], Make certain the Port is COM 2.  
At the Connection Tab, Click into the [Advanced] button, Make certain the boxes for following being checked:
[x] Use error control
[x] Use flow control
[x] hardware [RTS/CTS]
[x] Compress data
[Standard] Modulation type.  Click OK

(3)  Restart Pc from cold boot to make changes effective.
     Go to the safe mode. If run well, restart Pc to normal desktop windows.

     Do the modem diagnostic by Control panal- modem icon - diagnostic tab, click [more info..] , it will search your modem and test on-line route test.  Take note on its reported message/error/no response/connection speed etc.

If speed is Okay (not that low), reboot to the normal desktop.

Remember, each redial should let the disconnect for more than 10 min prior to the next reconnection.
Her modem is now locked the maximum speed at 19,200.
Above procedure recommended is to aim at unlocking the Max.connection speed.
Try this if it can be resolved.   pslh
Oh I see....If not wrong, your modem's chip doesn't have AT&T technology, so your modem will not support very high speed. Got one m,ore way to solve your problem, DOn't make your phone wires to long[from wall to your modem]. And don't use use a phone lines connector to connect your phone lines if not enough long.
KarlAiblingAuthor Commented:
pslh-  If I have done all that you suggested and the connect speed is still 19,200, can we assume that the modem is OK and the problem is with the ISP and or the phone lines?

Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Karl, you may consider to unlock cedric80's proposed answer if you've found it has not yet solved your problem.

In case, you've found it worked later, you may request cedric80 to post an answer for grading.

This will re-open the question for more experts in participating your question.

KarlAiblingAuthor Commented:
Must reject cedric90's answer because the LTWinmodem is cabable of a minimum of 44,000 connects speed and ususally give consistant 46,000 connect speeds....on my HP computer.  The modem used by my lady friend is the same...the computer is the same.  She has tried a short telephone connecting cable at one location and has a long one at her second location.  

If you used the same computer at another location and was able to connect at 37,666 the with your question you eliminated the must likely answer to your question, the 'ISP' and the 'phone lines'. As a telephone repairman for Ameritech, the phone company up to about 6 months ago only guaranteed a speed or 14,400 as of about 6 months ago they changed is to 28,800 anything over that is a bonus. If your phone line is not a copper line but a 'pair gain' system you often cant get the full 28,800. You might try having the phone company test your phone line to insure you dont have trouble on the line. Good Luck

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