Final Fantasy Anthology =Trivia=

How come they put FF4 in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Collection(FFAnthology) but didnt put FF4 in the AMERICAN version of FFAnthology?
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BudVVeezerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well, if ya convert Japanese versions to US versions..  ;-)  In US versions, you have FF1 for the NES, FF2 for SNES, FF3 for SNES, FF7 for PSX and FF8 for PSX.  That means there are four US editions.  FF6 is the equivalant of FF3...that should tell ya something.  =)  There are 8 FFs in Japan(they just matched the titles starting with FF7).  FF4 there was for the NES, which would SUCK on the PSX.

good question!  But I need some clarification....when you say FF4(both references), are you talking about US version or Japanese version.  The release titles are not the same between countries.  Like FF2 in the US is either FF4 or 5 in Japan...


maybe there's no FF4 in American Version.

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