scanjet 3300C slide adapter

My husband and I are considering purchasing a 3300Cse scanner for his parents as a Christmas gift.  We own a 6200C which came with an adapter to scan 35mm slides (looks like mirror inside a triangular box).  My question is: could this same style adapter be used with the 3300? (It's available as a separate accessory from hp)
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johlariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I nosed around on HP's site and they do not offer a slide adapter scanning accessory.  That most likely means it will not work, or at least HP does not support its use on the 3300C.  

Two thoughts - First, if the ability to scan the 35mm slide is very important you should consider spending the extra money for the 5200C (the least expensive model supporting the adapter).  Second, if the ability to scan 35mm slides is minor, try using yours and see if the results are satisfactory (I'd have low expectation of success here).

The quality of the scan head (the mirror-CCD assembly known as the carriage) is what enables the use of the slide adapter and also is responsible for the DPI.  The 6200C is a much better carriage assembly (price indicates that) and that is why the slide adapter works with it.

Best wishes, johlari
monolith121299Author Commented:
I was afraid there might be some difference in the hardware that would allow the adapter to work only with the models it was packaged with - thanks.
monolith121299Author Commented:
One other thing - I did find the adapter available separately in the accessories section of the hp website, but it's only labeled for use with the 5200 and 6200 I think - I couldn't get back to verify.
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