Restoring backup in windows

I backup zipwork(spell checker for eudora light) in windows 95 and now want to restore using windows 98. Windows 98 will not read the disks. How to do?
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Kliner1, unfortunately you can't, as they are two different versions of backup. Sorry I could have provided a way out for you, but here's the appropriate article from the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

PSS ID Number: Q189602
Article last modified on 02-12-1999
The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft Windows 98
When you try to use the Microsoft Backup tool in Windows 98 to restore a backup
set created in Microsoft Windows 95 that spans multiple disks, a new folder may
be created, but the file in the backup set may not be restored.
This issue can occur if your backup set contains a file that spans multiple
disks. Windows 98 cannot restore a Windows 95 backup set that consists of a
single file that spans two or more disks.
To work around this issue, use the backup tool in Windows 95 to restore your
To prevent this behavior from occurring in the future, use either of the
following methods:
Method 1
Do not use the backup tool in Windows 95 to back up a single file that spans
multiple disks.
Method 2
Back up more than one file from your Windows 95-based computer, and verify that
the additional file is on the first disk, in its entirety.

kliner1Author Commented:
If I can use a friends win95 conputer, can I put the backup files
on his computer and how to then put on disks to use in win98.
Is there a way without using the backup program?
Use your friends computer to recover the files to a temporary folder. Then just copy the contents over to floppies afterwards. If some of the files are too large, zip them to compress them.
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