modem not work

I try to connect to my isp with DIP.
It seems connected, and I typed login name and password. However, it then said "NO CARRIER",
what does it mean?
How can I connect to the internet?
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It means that either you timed out the login prompt and the isp hungup or if you never got a login prompt it didn't recognize your authentication method.....can you offer more details concerning the login methods your isp utilizes....chap or pap or whatever else....
mwhuenAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response, but I really don't know how to do.

I don't know what login method my isp utilizes,

When I use win98, i only need to type dial number, login name, and then password, and then I can login in, and connect to the internet.

I use DIP to connect, it doesn't ask me what login method too....

after i fill in login name and pasword, lots of symbols appear,
and then finally

the best way is to use chat instead of dip.
try looking in the even if in italian it could help you.

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mwhuenAuthor Commented:
let me try, thank you
the funny characters that appear are the LCP negotiaiton looking to connect....without a response from you end it times out and drops the carrier.  when you seen the symbols type in pppd and see if it completes the connection.
mwhuenAuthor Commented:
i want to know what are the causes of my problem,
is it because my linux system has problem?
do i need to re-install it and install all software?
or  is it because my modem has problem?
do i need to buy a new good modem?
or is it because the software i used (DIP) is not good?
do i need to change to a more easy software?

i think the login method of my isp is PPP(pap).
Please help.
thank you.
Can you answer a few questions so that I can properly formulate an answer for you?

1.  Which version and distribution of linux do you have?

2.  Can you use pppd?  In other words, does it exist on your system?  (You can find out by typing "whereis pppd" at the console when logged in as root.  It should show something like "pppd: /sbin/pppd")  Tell me what it shows.

3.  What kind of modem do you have?  Tell me the exact make, model number and company.  (example: US Robotics 28.8 Sportster external faxmodem)  Is it internal or external?

mwhuenAuthor Commented:
1,I use red hat 6.0.
2,i can use pppd
3, i use a modem of
faxenger 56sp external faxmodem.
here is its homepage:

thand you.
mwhuenAuthor Commented:
in fact, i didn't install any driver of my modem in linux system, do i need to install ?

I've never heard of such a modem, but since it is an external modem, it should work with linux. (Unless the standards in Hong Kong are different)

Follow all the instructions in this link:

It will tell in great detail how to use pppd to connect to the internet.

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Yeah - you might have to enter a start command after your username and password:

For example:

(in a terminal based logon)

User:  yourname
Password:  passwd

#prompt_here:> ppp

Typing ppp will start the remote ppp session on the port you connected to and instialise pppd on yours.  (You'll then be able to type 'ifconfig' and get your IP etc.)
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