E-Mail With WEB Page.

I have created a Web Page with HTML codes. How can i send the page through mail to my friend? I mean when my friend open his mail box he should see my wep page which i sent to him.
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KennyConnect With a Mentor IT Application ExecutiveCommented:
Because HTML works in a way where it consists of many, many files, and you cannot "compile" it or anything, therefore you cannot send it to him directly.
One way is that you can zip the entire directory and email it to him. If you use winzip (www.winzip.com), you even have the option of making the zip file executable, and setting the index page as the default file to open.
Depending on what email program you are using, it is possible to send a complete html document in an email to your friend.  You can simply cut and paste the html into a message and send it.  BUT, all things you included on your web page may not work in the email like they do on your web site.  The email for example, will not look up images you included in the web page from your server and display them.  Instead, you will have to insert each image manually into the email at the position you want it. (There's a function in the newer email programs that will  put an image right in the document.)
Now, just because you send an html email doesn't mean the person who gets it will be able to see it.  That will depend on whether the mail program they use will properly display html.
The easy way is to just send them a hyper link to your web page via email and let them click on it to go there....
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