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I've just install LINUX  in my system. I've a NT_Server, an UNIX Server And a LAN Server. My NT_Server is connected to internet and all 95 clients n are using msproxy server to access the net.
how to connect my linux server to my nt server and able to acces internet...

u r help will guide me.                    Thank U

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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You cant. MS Proxy relies on "Client for MS Proxy" which isnt available for linux. You can only use Web and FTP trough a MS Proxy without it. Nothing else (which includes DNS).
(or write a linux version of MS proxy client *hehe*)
sudip121299Author Commented:
hi thanx for the reply.I knnow what u told me.But u got my point wrong.I was unable to set the network I want my linux in the NT network as well
I do have books for that. But it is not giving sufficient information.Do u know any books or guide that I can follow for this than U.
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