Disconnect after sending SMTP-Mail

If I use the Fastnet Component TNMSMTP to send an e-mail, I've to connect to a mail-server. If I don't have direct access to the internet, my computer automatically connects to it via RAS-Network. After sending and disconnecting from the mail-server the connection to the internet stays remaining. What can I do to disconnect this RAS-connection in D5?
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add ras to the uses section (if you dont have ras.pas header file i can send you one or can get one from any of the delphi component sites(dsp ,torrys etc)..

  RasConn  : TRasConn;
  bsize    : DWORD;
  Count    :  DWORD;

  RasConn.dwSize := SizeOf(TRasConn);
  bsize := SizeOf(RASConn);
  if RASEnumConnections(@RASConn, bsize, Count) = 0 then
     if Count > 0 then RASHangUp(RASConn.hRasConn);

Regards Barry

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bussoftwareAuthor Commented:
I would appriciate, if you could send me this component to Olaf.Fries@bussoftware.ch. Thanks a lot.
bussoftwareAuthor Commented:
If I use ras.pas in an own dll on WinNT 4.0, where RAS isn't installed (the rasapi32.dll is missing), I get an error. Is it possible to compile the dll in a way that the rasapi32.dll needn't be in the system folder?
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bussoftwareAuthor Commented:
Another comment: Your source is right if there is only one RAS connection. Under WinNT you may have more than one, so you have to resize the record.
for this approach at hanging up the connections rasapi32.dll needs to be either on the windows search path (usually windows system)or in your programs directory else it will error .
you may send me the ras.pas to?



i used to use Davide Moretti's one
(though there all quite similar.)
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